The "EHplus Points" reward program is launched on the website and the Electric House mobile app (coming soon!) (collectively referred to as the "Platform") by Electric House Trading Company, the owner, and operator of the Platform. The program is governed by the terms outlined below, in conjunction with the Platform's terms of use, privacy policy, and other relevant documentation.

Earning EHplus Points:

To accumulate EHplus Points on, customers must place an order on the Platform and the net order value, excluding the value of canceled/returned items and fees & taxes (VAT & Shipping), determines the EHplus Points earned:


The conversion rate is 1 SAR spent equals 1 EHplus Point.

Customers can redeem 5,000 EHplus points with a SAR 25 Gift Voucher.


Additional points are awarded as follows:

  • 1,000 free points with the first order for Individual users with a minimum value of SAR 1,000
  • 2,000 free points with the first order for Company users (B2B accounts) with a minimum value of SAR 1,000


Extra points may be earned through marketing campaigns or other programs, with details announced alongside the respective campaigns.

EHplus Points can be viewed on the 'my account' page and are earned at the order level, not the item level. Points earned are linked to the customer's registered email address.

Usage of EHplus Points:

EHplus Points can only be converted into gift vouchers from To initiate the conversion, users need to email with the number of points to be converted. The conversion request will be processed within 48 hours and cannot be reversed. EHplus Points cannot be converted to cash, used on the Platform, or hold any monetary value. Customers can explore redemption options on the website.

Crediting of EHplus Points:

EHplus Points are credited immediately upon completion of an eligible order. If an order is canceled or returned, related EHplus Points are reversed. In case of partial cancellation reducing the net order value below SAR 1,000, no EHplus Points will be awarded. EHplus Points are recalculated in case of replacement requests.

Expiry of EHplus Points:

EHplus Points expire twelve months from the date of crediting unless otherwise specified. The expiry period starts upon crediting into the user's account.

Merging of EHplus Points:

EHplus Points from different accounts cannot be combined. Points cannot be gifted or transferred.

Other Terms and Conditions:

These terms are subject to change at the discretion of Electric House.

By enrolling in the EHPlus program, users consent to the processing of their information in accordance with the Terms and the Platform's privacy policy.

Electric House reserves the right to disqualify users engaging in fraudulent/abuse/reseller/affiliate activities.

The program is subject to the prevailing laws of KSA.

Users acknowledge the risks associated with email transmission.

Electric House disclaims liability for any violation of applicable laws by users.

Electric House reserves the right to modify, withdraw, or terminate EHplus Points without prior notice and without liability.