How anti bacterial switches

Products made of antibacterial material based on silver ions Ag+
This technology can eliminate most bacteria, fungi and viruses, without the risk of building up resistance
Particularly suitable for healthcare establishments (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, waiting rooms, etc) and in general for spaces
subject to hygiene restrictions (industrial, shared and restaurant kitchens, child care centers, toilets, etc)
Products tested in accordance with standard JIS Z 2801 by an approved COFRAC laboratory

Antibacterial switches and sockets are made from treated plastic that contains silver ions. These ions create a protective barrier against microorganisms like bacteria, inhibiting their growth and spread.  For some switches, the antibacterial property is inbuilt, due to the long, regular use-case of these devices. These modular switches contain Silver (AG+) ions that eliminate the proliferation of bacteria on the product’s surface and offer life-long antibacterial protection. They have a smooth and straight design to facilitate a reduction in the accumulation of dust and are self-disinfecting throughout their lifespan.

The Benefits of Antibacterial Switches

Antibacterial switches and sockets promote a healthy home environment by ensuring a 99% reduction in bacterial development on electricals. These electric switches are made from non-toxic materials, contributing to an eco-friendly environment. 
Due to their well thought out design, antibacterial switches don’t lose their properties even after years of use. This offers peace of mind and value for money to the user.
Antibacterial switches are fire retardant, providing complete safety to your home and family. These modular switches are also childproof. They ensure that the developing immune system of your child is kept safe by adding an extra layer of protection to your home. At Legrand, we have third party (Biotech Service) certifications which ensures that 99.99% of harmful bacteria is killed.  Our antibacterial switches contain in-mould technology. This ensures long-lasting antibacterial properties, even if the product is scratched or damaged.
At Legrand, your safety is our priority. But we also make sure to design products keeping in mind the aesthetics of your home. Our range of switches are sleek, designed with curved edges. These electric switches are genuinely mesmerizing, giving your wall an artistic touch. They are crafted with the best technology and exceptional engineering, making them durable and easy to use.